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Hybrid Battery Power Miss Hybrid Energy Efficient Magic Wand

Miss Hybrid battery power cordless toys

Hybrid Battery Power, Miss Hybrid Has A New Energy Efficient Magic Wand.

Hybrid battery power orgasms. Miss Hybrid tries out her new Hitachi Magic Wand.

Mistress loves her electric powered sex toys. Usually mains but batteries or a hybrid of both is fine, no trailing leads and perfect for a little cordless action in the great outdoors. Dressed in her thigh high boots and stockings Miss Hybrid has a new pet in training, sexy Masie Dee. With her new take anywhere sex toy and strapon she leads Masie for a tour of the Manor grounds. Always eager to please Masie gets a close up of mistress taking a pee. Holding her coat away from any splashes that may stray. Miss Hybrid is soon feeling horny and decides to give Masie a treat. Masie rubs her pussy with the new battery powered Magic Wand whilst being fucked with the strapon. Masie comes to a shuddering orgasm and almost faints with pleasure, what a perfect pet.

Thigh high leather boots and battery wand.

Hybrid battery power magic wand and strapon

Miss Hybrid battery power magic wand and strapon

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