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Miss Hybrid Exposed
During my last trip to the South of France I had the most irritating event happening to me. It all started with taking delivery of our wine for the house. We always make sure we have the cellars well stocked which get from the local wine merchant. Lord B and the guy go way back to the days when I was not in the picture yet and we have not changed our ways. Anyway, we put in our order for delivery that afternoon and I did not worry about it as I took a nap by the poolside. I must have dozed off as I was awakened by the sound of the bell of the side door of the house (tradesmen don’t get access to the house through the main door) and the seemed to be no one answering the door. Obviously as I was minding my own business in my own house I had not bothered to wear a bikini or anything and besides that I was all oiled up to get the most beautiful sun tan. This also meant that I was in no state to open the door to anyone.

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The sound however did not stop and after some 5 minutes I could bear it no longer. I was utterly annoyed that none of the staff could be bothered to answer the door and all I could do was get up, slap a towel around me and I went to check who was irritating the daylight out of me. I looked through the small window next to the door and all I could see was the van of the wine merchant. I thought what the hell, the old geezer is in no position to do anything so I opened the door to let him do his delivery. As soon as I saw through the door opening my mind changed to taking a whole other sort of delivery.

There must have been a change in ownership or whatever but this was definitely not the guy running the wine merchant. I barely managed to hold on to my towel which seemed to have shrunk to minuscule proportions as I gazed at the young stud standing there with a grin on his face.he was clearly pleasantly surprised as well as he took me in from top to toe and back again. I was holding on to the towel but it was only covering part of my body and clearly the top of my tits were on display in their shiny state. As I tried to correct my cover I could only do it in such a way that my cunt came into view including my pierced lips…Miss Hybrid Exposed

Vintage Stockings

Vintage Stockings, vintage flash, Miss Hybrid, vintage, English rose, pussy, stockings, nylons, stilettos

I Love Vintage Stockings, Come And See Me Wearing More

Vintage Stockings
I simply love vintage stockings, here is a script a fan sent me …

Really tight cotton top, low cut, but not “V” cut low top, but like the below pictures where it’s low down, but regular straight cut rather than a “V” shape so to show off the roundness of the boobs.
With lacy black push up bra, which, like below is pushing her boobs up so much it’s bordering on silly.
Short denim skirt and white pants vintage stockings..

Fruit bowl on table, partially peeled banana she knows what to do with it!